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PJSC Varieganneftegaz is engaged in the exploration and development of a group of oil and gas condensate fields in Western Siberia in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District-Ugra. PJSC Varieganneftegaz  is one of the largest producing companies in the region; it is a city-forming enterprise for Raduzhny.

The asset portfolio of PJSC Varieganneftegaz includes five licensed sites. Minerals are extracted at the Bakhilovskoye, Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye, North-Khokhryakovskoye, North-Varioganskoye and Suslikovskoye fields.

The bulk of the current oil producing capacity is concentrated in the Verkhnekolik-Eganskoye oil and gas condensate field, which was commissioned in 1990. Prospects for the field development are associated with infill drilling and drilling of the edge reservoir areas, the increase in the volume of well intervention operations and launching undeveloped reservoirs, as well as the reorganization of reservoir pressure maintenance and tertiary methods for increasing oil recovery.

The company’s most mature asset, the North-Varioganskoye field, has been developed since 1976. In 1994, the first five water based fracturing were conducted here. Since 2016, the technology of  horizontal sidetracking with multistage fracturing has been successfully implemented.

The Bakhilovskoye oil and gas condensate field was commissioned in 1987. Based on geological and hydrodynamic modeling, drilling was resumed in the licensed site in in 2007. The use of new multi-stage fracturing technologies helped increase activity in sidetracking and drilling of new wells.

The youngest oil field, Suslikovskoye, was commissioned in 1996.

The North-Khokhryakovskoye field (about 200 million tons of in-place reserves and 65 million tons of recoverable oil reserves of the industrial category) is the most promising in terms of commissioning of new reserves. The oil field was commissioned in 1989. Part of the site reserves are hard-to-recover. The application of innovative methods for improving oil recovery of reservoirs introduced in 2013 implies an increase in production by 10 times. Preparation for full-scale development of all fields and full-fledged development of the field is planned to be carried out by 2020.

Varyeganneftegaz PJSC has a resource base for reserves of free gas and gas caps. For the years to come, we plan to implement the project to increase its production.

The company has been carried out commercial production since 1985; the volume of the oil extracted since the beginning of field development is more than 156 million tons.

NK Rosneft controls 93.89% of Varyeganneftegaz PJSC shares.


The company has carried out commercial production since 1985; the volume of the oil extracted since the establishment is 148 million tons.